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AmesburyTruth Safegard 2R

A limit device for windows which meets the ASTM F2090 safety requirements for self-resetting, egress capable, fall prevention devices.

The ASTM F2090 addresses window fall prevention that helps protect against potential falls by children through open windows. This is done by allowing the window opening to be set at a predetermined position of fewer than four inches (4”) and automatically re-latch when fully closed.

AmesburyTruth’s SafeGard™ 2R provides a means that the window, when opened in an initial operation, will limit the venting to less than 4”.

By code, two actions are required to open the window fully for egress purposes. This additional operation can be performed without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge.

  • Prohibits the free passage of a 4 in. diameter rigid sphere
  • Dual action release mechanism that consists of two separate, distinct, and consecutive actions to release the mechanism
  • WOCD and egress release will not reduce the open area of the window unit beyond applicable code requirements
  • Avoids interference with operation or performance of a window
  • Fully concealed unit after installation and window in closed position
  • Easy and accurate installation in the factory or field for residential applications (SafeGard™2R) and factory or field commercial applications (SafeGard™2C)
  • Built-in forgiveness with field adjustment feature and allowing for up to 1/8” sash sag
  • All adjustments can be done inside the home after window is installed
  • Pan head screw (SS) use for ease of handling
  • Concealed arm after released from track

Click here for installation instructions.

To Order:

  • For use with casement windows only.
  • Handing is determined by which side your window is hinged on when you are outside looking in.


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