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Marvel Power Window System

Truth Hardware’s new Marvel power operator system for windows and skylights proves that simpler can be better. Challenged by window and skylight manufacturers with providing a small and sleek motorized system that is simple to install, easy to operate and above all affordable – Truth is confident that the Marvel System is the answer.

  • No transformer required. Operates from 110 volt household current.
  • Electronic limit switch controls the opening position while the closing position is controlled through an internal current sensing feature.
  • Three styles of mounting brackets accompany this product to allow for easy mounting.
  • Can be face-mounted or mounted to applications with sills.
  • Durable double link chain produces 9.5″ of chain travel.
  • Users can operate multiple units from one control switch.
  • Rated to lift skylight sashes that weigh up to 90 lbs.

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Weight 2.3 lbs

Bronze, White

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